Yogurt and wine grapes are among the components used by Greece’s most well-known skincare line. I used it and noticed that my skin had never looked better.

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I’m here to warn anyone who have tried a 10-step K-Beauty regimen or borrowed a page from the straightforward French beauty manual: don’t overlook Greek beauty. I recently became a convert, and now I’m shouting from the aqua-domed rooftops that Greece has solved the riddle of clean-yet-powerful skincare, and the brand leading the charge? Korres .

My obsession with Greek cosmetics began after a recent vacation to Greece, where Korres products were prevalent not only in hotels but also in the country’s wineries. One of the best wineries in Santorini, Santo Wines , has been collaborating with Korres for years, providing Korres with surplus grapes after winemaking to incorporate into its Santorini Grape skincare line.

Even if wine-based skincare was all it took to get my attention, Korres is much more than a tribute to Greece’s top components. Using materials from nearby Greek farms and a zero-waste sourcing method that extracts components from plants and wildflowers without the use of chemicals, the company has been manufacturing clean beauty products for over 25 years. All packaging can be recycled, as can any organic material that isn’t used directly. Making fantastic, all-natural skincare products that support Greek communities and the country itself is ingrained in the brand’s DNA.

At this moment, I only use Korres products, all of which are fantastic, but the following are my clear favorites.