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Panelists on “Gutfeld!” respond to Biden’s handling of the rising Chinese tensions in the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and look back on former President Trump’s diplomatic efforts.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Therefore, the Chinese president is irate, not because LeBron James is a bad kisser.

China flew dozens of planes to the Taiwan Strait, never met him, and fired live missiles close to the autonomous island because Nancy Pelosi, the spork with eyebrows, went shopping in Taiwan with a group of female friends. However, she claimed she was unable to hear them because she neglected to recharge the batteries in her miracle ear, even though they had warned her.

The top echelon of the US military moved quickly to mobilize troops for an urgent pronouns workshop.

China then launched a barrage of missiles in the vicinity of Taiwan, turning on 100 aircraft, including fighter fighters and bombers, as well as ten warships. However, they must be aware of how detrimental all of that is to the environment.

How is the press covering this? Imagine that a nation issues you a warning that what you are going to do is wrong, but you nevertheless go ahead and do it. It’s similar to when my wife asks me to quit wearing socks and putting my shoes on the floor in Larry Kudlow’s pool house. I’m sick and tired of falsehoods.

China warns against visiting Taiwan, but then, screw you China, we’re coming over just for **** and giggles—Biden and Harris’ Secret Service monikers. Disgusting. In doing so, you act like a divorce attorney and increase hostilities between rivals while also pushing one foe, China, into the arms of another, Russia. Missiles, warships, and aircraft are all present and correct in this Godzilla clip.

Nancy Pelosi was in Taipei at the time, window shopping. Taiwan is at danger from Chinese warships and outdated battle axes. Nevertheless, you have to ponder Nancy’s husband’s current activities.

However, the exacting has just just began. This is going to be one pricey shopping expedition right from the bat. Millions of dollars have already been spent by the tax payers, especially those in Pelosi’s filthy neighborhood of San Francisco, which, as you are aware, resembles this “Homeless guy sleeping.”

Yeah. She has her priorities in order. In addition, she wasn’t required to fly. Already a member of the Mile High Club are her eyebrows. It appears that someone has just shown her my ratings.

So Nan makes an effort to irritate China. I’d label her two faced after warning everyone else not to do the same thing. However, that was five faces ago. What sort of leader would act in such a foolish manner? Who else needs training wheels for his stationary cycle, but the present president? We were always taught that this individual will be the cause of disturbance throughout the world.

NANCY PELOSI: Irresponsible, impulsive actions by the Trump administration are no match for genuine global leadership.
Multiple national security issues are being compounded by Donald Trump’s impulsive and unrestrained foreign policy impulses, according to an MSNBC commentator.

COMMENTATOR ON CNN: It is necessary to reduce the temperature rather than raise it. And in a way, I believe you could say he’s giving Kim the upper hand.

MSNBC COMMENTATOR: So, it’s this thing’s chaotic character. Which, in my opinion, is not strategically sound, which makes me think that Trump isn’t serious and might not be up to the task.

A man you can entice with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons, according to HILLARY CLINTON.
Before she murdered Jeffrey Epstein, she appears considerably healthier. however seriously When it comes to China, where is Joe? Joe, what the hell?

IMITATING BIDEN, STAFFER: Oh, no, no. Look at me, I. I am unable to direct that lady’s actions. Although I didn’t want her to leave, Yeah. Do you ever try to direct an elderly woman? To the contrary, they act. So I advised going to Taiwan. I don’t care. She moved. Oh, I suppose I’m a little terrified of her. Nancy is my worst fear, not the Chinese. Did you notice when she tore up the State of the Union address, for example? Let’s go. That’s one dizzy broad, I remarked. Joe, keep your distance from her. woozy wide. Is that okay? No, most likely not. I’ll be returned to the basement by them.

So Trump posed a threat? In my opinion, no. He didn’t approach a foe to poke them in the eye like Pelosi did. He went there to see what happens, as you may know.

Donald Trump: I’m interested in seeing what happens. We keep in constant touch. At least in terms of rhetoric, we have definitely made progress with North Korea. But we’ll have to wait and see. The world would benefit greatly from that, no doubt about it. So, we’ll watch to see how it all plays out. We’ll wait and see. We’ll wait and see what transpires. We’ll wait and see what transpires. We’ll wait and see what transpires.

Trump, even in Obama’s eyes, eliminated America’s top threat by utilizing simple sales skills. Not even Michelle’s meatloaf was it. North Korea answered. He accomplished this without endangering the lives of any members of the troops.

We have witnessed the ensuing mayhem in the meanwhile. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s mobilization against Taiwan, and Will Smith’s Oscars-worthy performance. How about the Middle East, for example? Anyone who signed the Abraham Accords would win the Nobel Peace Prize or, at the very least, a happy ending from Jerry Nadler if they were a Democrat.

Trump has, in actuality, been the most anti-war president in recent memory. While terrorists were watching them like R Kelly in the prison showers, fewer people died under his leadership.

However, the Democrats are the idiots who are causing instability on a worldwide scale. But imagine how the media would react if Trump had initiated this most recent provocation. But Trump would never have done it, so you’ll never know. He recognized the value of money and leverage, which Pelosi just gave to the Chinese.

The truth is that because the alleged actions never took place and the accusers are exactly what they said they would, we no longer remember what Trump was accused of doing. No conflicts, just calm agreements and handshakes under Trump. Hot wars, cold wars, storage wars, and cupcake wars under Biden. But you know, I guess it’s a good thing we stopped using those hurtful tweets. Now that his tweets are no longer out there traveling the galaxy attempting to offend someone, we can all sleep like angels. Like this particular remark, “I always talk about the losers and the haters with a lot of love and affection. They were born ****** up, and they cannot change it.”

They keep striking. They keep striking.

I assume that is accurate. Possibly this one? “Sorry. hateful losers. However, I have one of the highest IQs. You are all aware of it. Don’t feel so foolish or insecure, please. You are not at blame.”

The tweet from some individual telling Trump, “If you hate America so much, you should run for president and change things,” may have been the one that began it all. “Be careful,” writes Trump in response.

That posed a greater hazard than any we had yet encountered. As a result, we ejected him from the building and replaced him with a moron who, like us, was unaware that he was engaging in bad behavior until he saw the local news.

Wars, division, inflation, and a missing president all appear out of nowhere. And the most recent commotion can be attributed to Nancy. She managed to perform her duties with a straight face, which is fantastic. Actually, no.

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