Three people are detained after Michigan police seize nearly $1 million worth of cocaine.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Following a recent traffic stop, the Michigan State Police made three arrests and seized approximately $1 million worth of cocaine.

On July 27, troopers pulled over a car for a moving offense. According to Fox 17, MSP stated that the driver gave permission for a search of the vehicle after authorities observed the occupants acting strangely.

But before a search could be done, the driver sped off. In the car with them were two young children and a woman.

Michigan State Police arrested three people and seized nearly $1 million of cocaine.

The Michigan State Police detained three individuals and found around $1 million worth of cocaine. State Police of Michigan

The car would subsequently crash, but when the troopers came, nobody was inside. 22 pounds of cocaine were found in the automobile by the police.
According to MSP, the confiscated cocaine has a street worth of approximately $985,000.
Police were able to find Daquane Wilson, 27, and his infant inside an outbuilding, according to the troopers.
Jadzia Cobeo, 22, a different suspect from New York, was discovered with a little child next to a marsh.

Michigan Police discovered 22 pounds of cocaine in the vehicle.

22 pounds of cocaine were found in the car by Michigan Police. State Police of Michigan

According to MSP, police also detained Nedra Thompson, 50.
The three accused are all citizens of New York.

Wilson and Cobeo were accused of fleeing the scene of an investigation, delaying and resisting law enforcement, transporting more than 1,000 grams of cocaine with the purpose to deliver it, and fourth-degree child abuse.

Thompson was accused of money forgery and possession with the intent to deliver.

Michigan State Polcie said all three suspects are New York residents.

All three suspects, according to Michigan State Police, are New Yorkers. State Police of Michigan

The three accused might be given a fine of up to $1 million or a maximum sentence of life in prison.
According to MSP, an investigation into the incident is ongoing.