Real change is being thwarted by the EPA’s “radicals”: Duffy, Sean

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On “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday, Fox News contributor Sean Duffy revealed the real purpose behind the federal government’s green energy push.

You can choose Donald Trump. Jason Chaffetz and George Bush are both electable. However, you will never be able to change policy unless you get rid of the federal unions, who are the EPA’s deep state. Radicals in the EPA were impossible for Donald Trump to remove. Therefore, if a Republican is elected president again, do as Scott Walker did in Wisconsin, get rid of the union, dismiss all of the EPA employees who have been there for more than 40 years, and bring in new hires, and you won’t have these issues. But if you continue to deploy these radicals, you will never be able to reverse direction. Hear me out: Existing nuclear, coal, and gas plants will be destroyed. They will destroy wells. To make us all dependent on the federal government, they aim to get away of everything. Food, gas, and oil are beyond our means. Woe to the government for paying these expenses on our behalf, as doing so demonstrates our lack of independence and freedom. On them, we rely.