On Saturday, National Mustard Day, enjoy donuts with a sunny mustard glaze.

As a young man seeking to feed a crew of sailors, Captain Hanson Gregory (1832–1921) invented the donut, which forever altered American culinary culture.
NEW Imagine them as sunshine that has been deep-fried.
On Saturday, August 6, National Mustard Day, French’s elevates its palate of delectable creativity to new heights with vibrant yellow mustard donuts.

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, butter, sugar, vanilla, and other ingredients are combined to create a delicious mustard glaze that gives the fluffy donuts their vibrant hue.

The gleaming yellow breakfast delights were created in collaboration with Dough Doughnuts, a group of artisanal donut restaurants in New York City.

French's Classic Yellow Mustard and New York City donut maker Dough Doughnuts are offering free mustard donuts for National Mustard Day, on Saturday, August 6, 2022.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, National Mustard Day, Dough Doughnuts in New York City and French’s Classic Yellow Mustard will both give away complimentary mustard donuts. Jenna McDonnell/McCormick Studios

On Saturdays, the six New York City locations of Dough Doughnut are giving away free French’s Mustard donuts.
By visiting doughdougnuts.com on Saturday, a limited number of boxes of the mustard-glazed donuts will be offered for nationwide delivery.

According to a press release from French’s, “French’s Mustard donut re-imagines a classic glazed donut with a vibrant sweet and savory yellow mustard coating and is topped with a yellow mustard cake crumble.”

Frenchs and Dough have produced a flavorful, irresistible doughnut that combines Dough’s special brioche recipe with the well-known Frenchs Classic Yellow Mustard flavor.

The sweet mustard glaze on French's new donuts contains unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla, French's Classic Yellow Mustard and other ingredients.

French’s new donuts come with a sweet mustard glaze that includes unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla, French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, among other components. Jenna McDonnell/McCormick Studios

Owner of Dough Doughnuts Steve Klein remarked, “We’ve always prided ourselves on developing unexpectedly wonderful flavors.
For the ideal bite, the classic tanginess of Frenchs Classic Yellow Mustard is combined with the sweet glaze and fluffy texture of the doughnut.

For National Mustard Day on August 6, 2022,

French's and Dough Doughnuts of NYC have teamed up to offer mustard donuts for National Mustard Day on August 6, 2022. Free mustard-glazed donuts are available at six Dough Doughnut locations around the city, or by online mail order around the country.

French’s and Dough Doughnuts of NYC have paired up to sell mustard donuts. Six Dough Doughnut outlets across the city offer free mustard-glazed donuts, and you can order them nationwide via mail order on their website. (McCormick and Company)

French has previously made mustard ice cream, mustard beer, and mustard buns for National Mustard Day.

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