Next summer, HBO Max and Discovery Plus will combine.

HBO Max and Discovery Plus will combine to produce a single streaming service, according to Android Authority (via Variety ). The merger will take place in the 2023 summer.

Warner Media and Discovery firms announced they would combine forces earlier this year to establish Warner Bros. Discovery. The business is currently using the same approach with the streaming services offered by HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

According to Variety, the merger procedure begins in the US market before moving on to the rest of the world. Both the name and the cost of the combined services are currently unknown. Both businesses have many subscription packages as well. More details will become available once the process gets under way in the upcoming year.

Advertisement The merger information was revealed in the second quarter 2022 financial report from Warner Bros. Discovery. According to the corporate report, there are currently 92.1 million subscriptions for HBO, HBO Max, and Discovery Plus worldwide, an increase of 1.7 million from the previous quarter.

HBO MAX AND DISCOVERY PLUS EXCHANGE CONTENT Both businesses have agreed to use each other’s content before the merger takes place. Hours of video from the cable news network CNN have been available on Discovery Plus from August 19. Additionally, starting on September 30, HBO Max will add several Discovery Plus programs to its library. The first program coming to HBO Max is Fixer Upper.

Being new services, HBO Max and Discovery Plus may benefit from the merger by expanding more quickly both domestically and abroad. In May 2020, HBO Max debuted with original HBO cable TV movies, TV programs, and Warner Bros programming. Additionally introduced in January 2021, Discovery Plus receives content from Discovery channels.

Advertisement The streaming industry is expanding annually. Even some major tech companies, like Apple and Amazon, have recently entered this industry. With more than 220 million customers, Netflix is the largest streaming service in the world right now.

According to earlier reports, Netflix will introduce a far more affordable ad-based tier in the first half of 2023. By the end of 2022, Disney Plus intends to provide a comparable tier as well. Over 137 million people currently subscribe to the service.