Neighbors in Tennessee use a trampoline to rescue residents from a burning house.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! In Tennessee, two men intervened to save the residents of their neighbors’ house when a kitchen fire trapped two individuals in the second floor.

On Thursday, smoke was noticed billowing from the Chattanooga house. Several inhabitants had already left on their own, but two were still inside.

When neighbor Fernando Rivera saw the fire on his way home from work and hurried to aid, the owner of the house and his daughter’s best friend were still inside.

A Tennessee home caught fire, trapping two people in the second story before neighbors helped them to safety.

Two persons were trapped in the second story of a burning house in Tennessee before nearby residents were able to rescue them. Department of Fire in Chattanooga

Rivera persuaded the young woman to jump into his arms after spotting the friend via an upstairs window.

The man was then able to jump from the window without getting wounded thanks to Rivera and another neighbor, Sam Triplett, who had pushed a trampoline on the property toward the house.

Fernando Rivera (left), Fire Chief Phil Hyman (center) and Sam Triplett (right).

Sam Triplett, the fire chief, is in the middle, with Fernando Rivera on the left (right). Department of Fire in Chattanooga

Shortly after 911 was informed of the incident, firefighters arrived. They had seen flames on the side of the home and strong black smoke coming through the roof. Within 20 minutes, the fire was put out.

The fire did not result in any injuries.

Fernando Rivera and Sam Triplett were recognized for saving multiple people who were trapped in the burning home.

For rescuing numerous persons who were trapped in the burning house, Fernando Rivera and Sam Triplett received recognition. Department of Fire in Chattanooga

Rivera and Triplett received Citizen Commendation Awards from the Chattanooga Fire Department for their rescue efforts.

The Chattanooga Fire Department posted on Facebook that “Fire Chief Phil Hyman handed them Citizen Commendation Awards for their courageous acts and personally praised them for going above and beyond in an emergency scenario.”