Monica Crowley calls Joe Biden a “hack” and attacks the Bidens over China

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On “Hannity” on Friday, former assistant secretary of the treasury Monica Crowley exposed possible conspiracy between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden has always been a hack, but he is now the president and commander in chief of the United States. And there is proof that the Biden family has gained significantly from the CCP and organizations connected to the Chinese Communist Party, to the tune of well over $10 million. Therefore, neither the CCP nor those organizations write cheques of such nature without anticipating a response. Of course, Tammy, there are many rumors about whether or not this president is compromised. If true, Joe Biden should be ashamed for prioritizing his family and personal interests over those of the United States and its citizens. This is why our ability to address this core existential threat to the United States is so seriously lacking.