Melania’s fashion designer received $60,000 from Trump’s voter fraud PAC.

The $250 million raised by Donald Trump’s Save America political action group under the pledge to combat voting fraud after the 2020 election isn’t just being used to cover the costs of the witnesses who testified on January 6. A fashion designer connected to the former First Lady Melania Trump received $60,000 from the PAC as well.

According to USA Todayreported, between April 7 and June 24 of this year, the Save America PAC made six payments totaling $60,000 to Herv Pierre Braillard, the French fashion designer who designed Melania throughout the Trump administration. This information was provided by the Federal Elections Commission. For what the PAC referred to as strategy advising, Braillard, who has designed for former first women like Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama, received remuneration.

Despite being dishonest, Save America’s payments to Braillard were not legally unlawful because, despite the fact that political candidates are not permitted to use PAC funds to purchase personal items, Trump was not seeking any position at the time Save America, a leadership PAC, was established. There are consequently less limitations on how Save America may use the funds it earned.

Last month, it came to light that the Trump campaign and his associates had promised to pay the legal fees of more than a dozen witnesses called to testify before the committee on January 6 using the Save America PAC, including $75,000 for pro-Trump attorney Cleta Mitchell and $50,000 for Steve Bannon.

Nearly 2.5 million people gave to the Save America PAC, which was founded just days after Joe Biden’s victory, according to The Washington Post. Two-thirds of the 2.5 million individuals listed retirement as their occupation. However, some of the pensioners’ money was utilized to pay the debt with a fashion designer rather than taking action against voter fraud.