Laura Ingraham: The Biden administration’s idea of “normal” includes hormone blockers and transgender surgery for children.

The Biden administration is concentrated on promoting risky hormone blockers and life-altering trans surgery for children as inflation is ripping through household budgets and weakening America.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! On “The Ingraham Angle,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham discussed the Biden administration’s extension of the groups covered by Title IX, which now mandates that transgender women have full access to female facilities and locker rooms.

Rachel Levine from HHS is brought out to advocate risky hormone blockers and potentially life-changing trans surgery for kids while inflation continues to wreak havoc on household budgets and undermine America. That’s sick. Adults preying on our children while posing as health care providers, accusing everyone who questions their methods or their objectives of being biased or intolerant.

On July 26, 2019, in Los Angeles, California, drag queen “Pickle” reads aloud from a book as part of the Drag Queen Story Hour event at the West Valley Regional Branch Library. Getty Images/David McNew

And the perverse forces that support them? Yes, they are heavily funded and have spread all throughout the country.

We may have discovered the week’s most frustrating story in Washington state, which is across the country: An 80-year-old grandmother who demanded that a biological guy vacate the women’s locker area where young girls were changing was expelled from her YMCA.

Port Townsend, Washington, police responded by stating that Mrs. Jaman “had an emotional response to a strange gentleman being in the bathroom and assisting a small girl take off her swimming suit.” I suppose I should have hoped for an emotional reaction to that. So much for liberals wanting to respect the feelings of women like Mrs. Jaman. I suppose that only a particular kind of liberal woman receives respect.