In order to counter China’s “extreme” reaction to Pelosi’s visit, Biden needs to: former station chief of the CIA

Dan Hoffman, a contributor to Fox News, offers his opinion on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan in light of the Biden administration’s reported opposition to his appearance on “Hannity.”

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! On “Hannity,” Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman commented on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s meeting with the leader of Taiwan.

We’ve observed an incredibly aggressive, asymmetrical response, according to DAN HOFFMAN. You observe the military exercises that began yesterday and which, in essence, blockade Taiwan until Sunday. That is a rather drastic action. However, I believe that China is attempting this because they are aware that the United States will maintain its alliance with Taiwan. They are attempting to convey a strong message—one that is also clear—to the nations in the area and beyond that maintaining ties with Taiwan would be unwise. I concur with Senator Brown that this administration needs to push back with a solid plan to stop China from completely isolating Taiwan.