Here for all of your viral takes is the actor who played Meredith Blake in “The Parent Trap.”

Meredith Blake, the evil character from “The Parent Trap,” is receiving a redemption arc more than 20 years after the film’s release, courtesy to TikTok.
Elaine Hendrix, who portrayed Annie and Hallie’s (Lindsay Lohan’s) almost-stepmother in the 1998 movie, is present for it.
According to a recent phone conversation with Hendrix, TikTok users like Meredith Blake, and I adore them.

In the movie, Meredith plays Nick Parker’s (Dennis Quaid) young, gorgeous, and materialistic fiancée. Nick Parker is the father of Annie and Hallie. The twin sisters, who were split apart at birth, eventually meet again at a summer camp. There, they devise a scheme to repair the rift between their parents by undermining Meredith’s engagement to their father.

For those who watched the movie as children, Meredith wasn’t the one to support. The twins occasionally go camping with her and their father and spend the entire time pulling practical jokes on her. Instead of empathizing with the allegedly nasty stepmom, most people laugh along with the twins’ antics.

But now, fans of the film and those watching it for the first time have a fresh perspective: #justiceformeredithblake.

Hendrix used the occasion of the movie’s 24th anniversary to reflect on her classic role in a trending TikTok video that was uploaded on July 29 and has now racked up over 1.7 million likes.

In the video, Hendrix is seen pouring a glass of Parkers, the wine that is featured in the movie, while the song Easy on Me by Adele plays in the background.

He’s a 10, but when he split up with their mother, he discreetly separated the twins at birth. He didn’t tell you about it until the twins met at camp and switched places to attempt to get their parents back together.

The twins’ pranks, which included stuffing rocks into Meredith’s backpack and combining her insect repellant with sugar water, are further described in the film.

Hendrix claimed that the Hes a 10 meme, the newest TikTok craze, which assesses lovers on a scale of 1 to 10 depending on their appearance before listing a good or bad quality that can effect their score, served as her inspiration.

I try to take different challenges or whatever is popular and just try to put my own twist on it, she added. I don’t create videos very frequently, but I really enjoy producing them. I approached this one in that manner.

I hope Meredith Blake marries a handsome billionaire who treats her like a queen, one poster wrote in response to the sympathy shown for Meredith by several users.

Hendrix claimed she came for the support of the crowd.
I’m in awe. I’m grateful. I’m ecstatic,” Hendrix stated. It’s amazing that people from many generations have loved the movie and Meredith Blake.
She is especially appreciative of the response from Generation Zers, who saw the movie some years after it originally came out.

With regard to the younger generation, Hendrix commented, “This movie makes me feel like I’m one of them.” I appreciate that because it keeps me youthful and attractive, which is not a crime, you know, and I’m always searching and learning.

Although Hendrix acknowledged the criticism leveled at the twins’ parents for separating them, she insisted that viewers shouldn’t take the video’s lighthearted depiction of the characters’ relationships too seriously.

Hendrix explained, “In a Disney movie, there is the good guy and the bad guy. “For all intents and purposes, Meredith is the bad guy. She serves as the challenge and the source of conflict in that movie, and you need that.”

Whether a villain or not, Hendrix addressed the crowd as “I love you” on behalf of Meredith. And to her detractors? I’ll send you to Switzerland, I swear!

AUGUST 4, 2022, 11:54 p.m. ET, CORRECTION: The final name of a character from The Parent Trap was incorrect in a previous version of this article. Rather of Meredith Clarke, it’s Meredith Blake.