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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! According to park service officials, monsoonal weather created significant flooding that stopped hundreds of staff workers and visitors from leaving a National Park on Friday morning.

The roads surrounding Death Valley National Area became unusable due to heavy rains, causing officials to close the park. The National Park Service (NPS) said that the choice imprisoned 500 employees and 500 visitors.

“500 tourists and 500 employees are currently unable to leave the park. There have been no reports of personnel or visitors getting hurt “Friday, the National Park Service released a statement.

“Unprecedented rains on August 5, 2022, led to significant flooding inside Death Valley National Park. Until park authorities can determine the extent of the crisis, all roads leading into and out of the park are now closed “the sentence included

Flooding closed all roads around the Death Valley National Park on August 5, 2022.

On August 5, 2022, flooding shut down all routes around Death Valley National Park. For the National Park Service

In the event of cooperative weather, the California Department of Transportation estimated that cleaning the roads would take several hours.

The NPS reported that at the Inn at Death Valley, “about sixty cars, owned by guests and workers, are buried in several feet of debris.” “Dumpster bins were pushed into parked cars by flood waters, resulting in car collisions. In addition, several facilities, including hotel rooms and offices, are inundated.”

“The Cow Creek Water system, which supplies the offices and inhabitants of the park with water in the Cow Creek region, has broken down. Staff at the park have found a significant break in the line caused by the water, which is being fixed. The rest of the line is now being examined “the sentence included

The National Park Service (NPS) estimates that the 1.46 inches of rain that fell in the park on Friday was nearly 75% of the annual rainfall average for the region.

Additionally, it comes very close to matching the 1.47-inch daily record established on April 15, 1988.

After flash floods on Monday hindered driving on certain routes along Highway 190, close to Death Valley National Park, the park will be closed on Friday.

Visitors were cautioned by Death Valley National Park to “remember: turn around, don’t drown.”
As of Friday, all park roads are still closed. Additionally, the Stovepipe Wells, Texas Spring, and Sunset Campgrounds were closed.
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