Ella Halikas, a SI Swim model, on going popular after copying Julia Fox’s look: Your body must be yours.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! For the SI Swimsuit model , it seemed obvious to recreate some of Julia Fox’s most daring looks, but Ella Halikas has gained notoriety for doing so.

The 24-year-old giggled to Fox News Digital, “I remember she was wearing the low-rise look, and I was thinking, Ooh, the low-rise is coming back. “And I recall that folks with a lot more curves were terrified of that. I would see videos of ladies saying, “There’s no way I’m engaging in this fad,” on TikTok. My body is not the right one. Why not, I thought at first. We all have different physical types, but I also enjoy showing off my physique. And I reasoned that if I could wear it, maybe someone else might think they could too. Together, we may feel just as attractive and self-assured. That was the conversation I wanted to start.”

The curvy model uploaded side-by-side pictures of herself and Fox, 32, wearing similar outfits on Instagram. While doing her grocery shopping, Halikas donned several items, including a cropped white tank top and a little skirt teamed with black patent gloves and boots, two distinguishable looks from the fellow model. She also wore black and white Calvin Klein underwear.

Ella Halikas (right) has gone viral on social media for recreating some of Julia Fox's bold looks.

Social media users love Ella Halikas (right) for imitating some of Julia Fox’s daring outfits. Dylan Lujano/Getty

Halikas claimed that once the images went public, she was showered with support.

The Californian said, “I wanted to show people you can rock whatever you want, you can feel just as confident and gorgeous. “I wanted to see different girls. I wanted other people to feel confident in their own skin and be inspired to attempt something new. People are responding so positively and they adore it. I mean, planning all of these unpaid photo shoots costs time, money, and resources. But it’s wonderful to know that it inspires others to show off their bodies.”

Halikas claims that she actually visited a Beverly Hills grocery shop to imitate Fox’s supermarket appearance.

Ella Halikas (right) said she went to a Beverly Hills grocery to recreate Julia Fox's supermarket look

Ella Halikas (right) claimed she imitated Julia Fox’s shopping appearance by visiting a Beverly Hills grocery store. Dylan Lujano/Getty

She said, “Confidence is the key to making Julia Foxs look, or any look for that matter, your own. “There is less emphasis on physical type. How you hold yourself matters. It is not important how you physically appear. It has to do with your mental state. You must feel good and walk with your chest lifted. You have to sense the assurance and vigor when you look at the images. People remark, “She looks good,” when they see this. People would tell me, “That’s not flattering, put some clothes on,” if I had entered that store fully clothed with my chin dipped and a nervous expression. What do you have to say? You must be in charge of your appearance and body. You can accomplish anything if you can make that mental adjustment and discover that confidence.”

Halikas claimed that although the “Uncut Gems” star has seen the photographs, she has not personally contacted her.

She would view my Instagram Stories, according to Halikas. “Both of my posts received her favor. She simply never communicates or comments in person. However, this isn’t actually about Julia Fox specifically or about imitating a star. It focuses more on re-creating a look and showcasing it on various body types. As well as other slimmer women like Bella Hadid, I would love to begin working with new celebrities.”

Ella Halikas (right) said she wants to encourage her followers to explore their personal style, no matter their size.

No matter their size, Ella Halikas (right) wants to inspire her fans to experiment with their individual fashion. Ashley Canario/Getty

The celebrity first gained notoriety in 2021 when seasoned photographer Yu Tsai captured her in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for SI Swimsuit. It has always been Halikas’ desire to be included in the magazine, who has been inspired by Hunter McGrady and Ashley Graham.

She remembered, “The filming just felt like a dream. “I even got Ashley Graham’s number. The day before my shoot, she left me a voicemail. She told me, “I’m so proud of you; you should be proud of yourself,” in my memory. How far have you come? I just broke down in tears. The night before my session, I stayed up late watching her model in YouTube videos to get some ideas. I was therefore shocked to see my role model supporting me. I experienced power. I adore this brand because the girls are so inspiring and motivating. You won’t find a sisterhood that is more encouraging.”

Ella Halikas poses backstage for 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show during Paraiso Miami Beach at Mondrian South Beach on July 10, 2021, in Miami.

On July 10, 2021, in Miami, Ella Halikas poses backstage for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show. The event is taking place at the Mondrian South Beach. (Sports Illustrated image by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

“I recall looking all over San Francisco for a shot when the magazine eventually came out, going to every Walgreens, CVS, library, and Barnes