According to sources at regional retail channels, handset sales in Taiwan are anticipated to ramp up and surpass 500,000 units in October when Apple’s new iPhones and Samsung’s new foldable models hit store shelves.

According to the sources, local telecom providers are also eager to provide advantageous rates for using associated 5G mobile applications, which will aid in boosting handset sales in the upcoming months.

Global handset shipments were weak in the first half of 2022 due to unfavorable macroeconomic circumstances like inflation, COVID-19, and the conflict in Ukraine. Monthly handset shipments in the Taiwanese market have dropped from a high of over 600,000 units to below 400,000 units.

According to the most recent market data, only 370,000 handsets were sent to Taiwan in June.
To take advantage of the seasonal demand in the second part of the year, certain brand suppliers have introduced new models.

To boost sales in the local market, Poco, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, has added three entry-level gaming phones to its lineup: the F4, X4 GT, and C40.

Sources claim that Google’s recently unveiled Pixel 6a has garnered positive reviews from consumers and may help the vendor hold onto its top-10 ranking.
According to the reports, Xiaomi and Oppo are prepared to introduce new models in the local market.